dont ask me because i dont remember

I take one look at you and I’d be ready to die

That piercing soft look is suede with punk

The liquor she drinks is flowing through her dark eyes

The Marlboro she puffs is calming her anxieties  

I’m the man trying to take her home

Tryna make an honest woman out of her

We argue like the world is burning 

And then fuck right after like it’s gonna be the last time

The angels, the devil, can not decide 

If hell or heaven is the punishment

As long as we’re both together, we’ll be fine

laughing and kissing

Before I go

Baby, please

Give me one last kiss 

with them intoxicating peachy lips

It’ll help me forget that I ever said goodbye

You ask me “have i changed?”

I sit there thinking to myself

How many versions of you I have loved

How many versions of me you have loved

The ebbs and flows got higher than tsunamis and retreated farther than scared soldiers

I fall in love every hour of every day

Then I remember all the damage that’s been done

The holes in a broken heart are filled with pain

a few bottles of vodka and rum 

had too much fun and now I’m falling for you 

mister can you help me up I think I’ve lost my senses

I’m into a boy that can barely make it through the days

Tell him to stop skipping them for me because I’ve got my eyes on something else