do you ever

do you ever ponder how some moments unfold so perfectly you catch a peek at the fabric of space glimmering

fibers being pulled and woven, creating beautiful moments in time

a strong force causing things to fall into place 

like a script that is thoroughly thought out and perfectly executed

you picking the correct answer from a million options

nothing needs to be added

nothing needs to be taken away

an experience which just elevates you, gravity doesn’t exist, there’s nothing keeping you down

birds signing symphonies

your ascending through the bright blue sky getting caressed by heavenly velvet clouds

an out-of-body experience 

so focused on the moment you forget the rest of the world exists 

that’s what my lover’s touch does

that’s what expressing through art does

that’s what dying and being born again does

don’t look for a source when everything around you is the supply

look at a tree for ninety-nine minutes, I swear that shit make will make you cry

you die tomorrow, how beautiful your next twenty-four hours will be when you don’t fight it, the greatest poet couldn’t describe it

we’re given the same choice every day

let go of the steering, the cars in the air, just throw your hands up in the sky