no song

there are no songs without you

There are no songs without you

Nothing better than you singing my tune 

My little birdie

I’ll stay writing as long as your singing 

There are no tunes without you

Just me and you 

All cooped up 

Trying to make the sun cry 

And the moon overstay the night 

It’s just us in this world

On this roof

Tell me your favorite tunes

And I’ll sing them

As you

Paint me your favorite moments 

I’ll give you my tears to mix the paint in

We love cheap dates 

Staying at yours 

All summer and winter 

Laughing together and watching you cry

Putting your hair behind your ears

Giving each other massages and messing around

Picking you up and smiling in each other’s deep brown eyes 

Paint me those pictures 

So I don’t forget 

Paint me those pictures 

So we have things to show the kids 

Back when we were kids 

Darling, aren’t we so cute 

This painter and poet love 

I’ll write a thousand words and you’ll know exactly how to paint it

Oh, darling, you let me express myself in ways I never knew I could

You are a color I never thought I could see

It just feels so right 

This painter and poet love 

Summers in the Italian countryside

Eating peaches and kissing the nectar of off your lips 

Cycling around town 

Late-night cool breezes enter our room where we lay

Sheets on the floor 

That’s all I’m looking for

Do we share the same dream, baby?