lonely people

lonely people

i feel alone at night 

where are all the lonely people 

a man just needs a hug sometimes

where do they go at night

souls that share the same pain 

we should share a drink sometime 

talk about all our sorrows

one drink at a time

till we pass out

and wake with the burning sun

how i wanna be loved by you 

my way

how i wanna love you 

your way 

this feels like an awkward hug 

where im on the inside

babe this might take some time

i think i might be realizing how hard i love you

you’re my sanctuary

i reside in you 

i heard in love you’re meant to surrender

and accept everything that comes your way

i pray

im able to accept loving you more than you could ever love me 

it hurts me

but i’d only do it for you 

i don’t wanna run 

you pull me up into the sky

pulling me slowly with your

soothing words

intoxicating kisses

everything telling me im yours

when you say goodbye

with closed eyes and open arms 

i fall peacefully from the sky

into a thousand pieces 

of a broken man

but you’ll never know because 

i pick myself up every time

I lose myself slowly

the more i fucking lie

the math doesn’t make sense inside my head

if you give me a piece and i always return two 

when will i run out of myself

before i fucking realize 

i can’t be with you 

if I’m not enough