what have you realised?

What have you realised?

Through the anger and the sadness

Your hopelessness 

Young man tell me what you’ve realized

Is it that every time you train you harden up a little

Is it that the time you spend running away is better used fighting the thing you’re scared off

Is it that the rational mind is weak

Is it that you’ve got the power to deal with it all

All that doesn’t kill you

To tolerate the tolerable 

You’ve got far to go 

Now that you realize it’s worth getting to

You will fall to weak and strong men alike

But do not disguise 

How you’re feeling inside

It will come back and bite you a little at a time

You know what you must do

It’s a little at a time

You must chisel at the marble

To find the Angel inside

It’s easy to stop and enjoy another’s sight

But your work must be carried on

Or you will die

Without knowing what’s inside

Toss away empty hopes

Follow what’s written in stone

By the greats

Who want you taking on their throne