searching for you

Sometimes you make me feel like a stranger 

Am I still crushing on you?

Why am I so nervous after all these damn years

Could it be that I don’t know you at all 

Even after all these years 

All of these years 

Darling, are you who I think you are?

Darling, am I who you think I am?

All these misunderstandings 

Where do we stand

I’ve looked down and I feel nausea 

Hold me tight 

I don’t want to lose my footing 

Have a look around 

Look at how high we’ve come 

All those foggy mountains 

They aren’t so foggy anymore

But somehow I’ve lost you 

I’m searching for you 

Don’t know where we lost each other 

On this journey 

When the hands slipped 

And why I’m just now looking back to find you

Call me by your name

I’ll call you by mine 

But this silence I can’t stand 

This isn’t peace 

I love you babe 

Let me retrace my steps 

Stay where you are 

I’ll come searching for you