art is a reminder

art is a reminder

art is a reminder

its easy to forget ourselves

what shaped us into who we are today

that part gets sewn into our being 

and what seemed like a foreign body that was easily recognized 

becomes hidden within us 

destiny’s program to save us

the fragments we leave behind

as we progress through time

the hidden gems may get buried 

and left behind

but creating art is attaching a string to it all

every step you walk 

you can hear the fragments dragging through the sand

leaving a mark

and when you show up to an oasis city

exchange them for something 

there will be a trader that inspects it close enough 

to find the value in the gemstones you’ve created

the trail it leaves behind is also crucial

how did i end up here?

where do i go now?

simply follow your trail young man

they won’t last forever 

time will blow them away 

thats why they’re called the sands of time

but they served their purpose while you were alive

maybe even helped other lost travellers 

on their journey

leave your mark on this world

even if it gets blown away and rained on

as long as you’re creating

you can always retrace your last step 


and figure out where do i want to go from here

it is for everyone’s personal profit

what ever you want to use it for 

it can be brought through art

its like printing money 

your personal currency 

and putting it into circulation