unspoken rules

unspoken rules

I trust that if you must then it’ll be in the front

Nothing I hate more than being blindsided

Makes me question myself

In the past


Without any clue how I’ll move forward in the future

Shattering a compelling illusion 

It stings to pick up the pieces 

But scars grow back thicker 

I’m unafraid

I keep thinking that showing you my most gentle&hidden site will give you all the power to destroy me 

But in the very act of unarming myself

I take a loaded weight off 

Unconceal myself 

and step back from the edge

a trust fall that doesn’t require you to jump off the edge

I feel a wave of calm 

dropping my temperature

slowing my heartbeat 

as you hug my wings

your way of asking me to show you around

becoming a tourist in my heart’s palace

I am afraid 

the places you could share my words 

knowing their hidden definitions 

the power it grants you

but i know

the courage it took me to write them

is greater.

if they are written 

a seed has sprouted 

another ring has formed

it’s easy to confuse courage and weakness 

for they are like two sides of the same coin

so please don’t think you lost the toss

it lays in the dealer’s hands

and destiny has weighed it favorably yours