i’d chose to stay with you

If getting in trouble meant spending more time with you

I’d be an hour behind everyone else

Our moments are finite 

Like diamonds in the dust

When I’m dying and DMT is released

And all the important moments in my life flood my mind

You’d be the shining light

If time is the most expensive currency I’m balling out on you

You got the highest exchange rate

Time with you I wouldn’t trade for anything else

Life with you is so deep

More layers than our wedding cake

Filled with romance, love, and joy

Sprinkled with laughter and sadness

There are a trillion and one ways to show you I love you

Just know 

I started ticking them off the moment I met you

It hurts me that I won’t be able to complete it in our lifetime (till 3005)

But it’s probably best

For you

And for me

To know that my love for you is infinite 

And stretches lifetimes

They say I wear my heart on my sleeve

I tell them it’s decorated with shining and dull moments of love 

They see the sparkle in my eyes when I talk 

I tell them I’m on cloud nine 

My lover called me last night

It’s obvious when I talk to people they can see it through the way I carry myself

Light walk elevated by your angelic presence 

Like walking on clouds knowing you look out for me

– just another way to show you I love you.