when i think about the years we spent apart, i get a period thinkin bout that period

not filled with rage just bloody meloncholy thoughts

like that boy you met at camp

if you could go back im sure you would, and do me instead 

but we over that

im like a Freeman jumping over hurdles and doin’ trials

looking back will slow you down or you’ll run into a pole

so don’t try n fill a hole that that a ho left

just do the right thing and look a ahead

the only way ill stop wasting time is if i run at the speed of light 

best years are ahead and i know i got it right 

6’2 and im packing like six too

got the same pack since we did it raw, we’ve only used like six too

you mighta touched her lip but i felt her lips, ellipsis

i know im childish but thats all i listen too 

don’t ask me for shit because its gon-be-no 

don’t ask for that promotion because its gon-be-no

don’t ask her out because its gon-be-no

silly motherfucker get outta here ho

does this look like a showroom, motherfucker? why you showing off

we don’t profile you based on how you look

nice guys with suits and ties, they don’t get off the hook

in school they did drugs in the bathrooms, now they just do it off the books

reverse aspiration, evolving backwards, fuck tryna be anything but me

i had respect for everyone around me, handing it out, like im a runnin charity

but then the bills were due, had to sell personal property

dudes didn’t pay their dues, didn’t address me properly

i can’t send a reply to them

everything changed but all the things i love are the same ones i’ve always had

you and I, even when he said I heart you

because all you heard was ‘i hurt you’ (get lost you loser)

i know i hurt you too but we got back together (i can’t lose you forever)