a metaphor

a metaphor

life is a score

starts with an empty sheet

your parents play a line for you 

that sound shapes the way you perceive rhythm, sound, taste even

you grow older you start to listen to others 

you experiment

if you’re lucky, you develop your own sound

your close ones make great music

but what the most important thing is 

is that there are endless ways to create music and meaning in your life

your life will feature high notes and low notes

they will last for different lengths 

everyone is expressing 

but once you start mimicking and stop creating, then you have officially died

there are periods in life which will sound painful and unbearable 

but it takes understanding that it is all a beautiful song

write your own

find your own way

McCartney couldn’t tell you how he writes

And woods couldn’t tell you how he swings

there are no techniques or methods or religions when it comes to your own deliverance

and the only thing that matters is that you enjoyed the way you played life

that you enjoy your sound

there is no winning or losing or comparison

it is not a game

it is simply art

there is no purpose

just like the way everything is the way it is

young man, forge your sound

write down whatever you feel

recognize everything that resonates

and one day you’ll arrive

with your song in your hand