[two things: the world is a nasty place, im learning to be kind]

young man, you’re being rolled 

twisted and bent 

you feel hopeless 

confused by the impossibility 

the ruthlessness that’s as long as a piece of string 

what do i do, brother? tell me, I’m burning 

i stare at the food i eat as you burn in front of me 

exposing seeds for the first time 

stinging like salt and lime 

you are metal my boy

you’re going to be damn strong but you don’t get there without being put through the furnace 

its easy to quit and hide 

living your whole life inside 

because that’s where the pleasure lies 

things your brain tells you to keep digging deeper


blinded by the light

so much time invested into hypertrophy 

a few weeks off and you’re in atrophy 

the world will try and keep me on my knees 

but i can’t kneel 

submission is no option 

i have to be better than yesterday 

cant be focusing on the surrounding ghosts 

nor can i gloat 

i acknowledge im surrounded by greatness and its pulling me

keep being you 

your angel in the stone is waiting 

keep chiseling

every day is an honest day of work 

happy at the chips on the floor 

happy with how its coming along 

people will walk by and only a few may watch and even fewer will stay 

those strangers become friends with whom you can share and talk about art

whos hearts throb to passion

sometimes you will wake up next to your lover feeling lonely

and all you can hear is your own heart beating

i know life feels demanding 

after you’ve given so much and it still wants

both wells are endless 

but the opening of your heart will flood it 

when you feel cold inside 

the blazing sun will dissolve all

when memories sting 

physical touch will soothe the pain

when loving hurts

facing the world with open arms will set you free

you have a habit of closing your eyes when seeing a threat 

not putting up a fight 

maybe you get saved by mercy or 

maybe you get a clean blow 

an untested soul is unsure of itself 

blinded by the light of other souls 

young man 

train diligently and have faith 

you’ll always be stronger than yesterday 

you feared the present 

now you’re becoming the man that seizes the day

you’re not lost 

old memories of yourself are not easy to forget



it’s impossible to go back when you’ve created this 


the world went around long before you were birthed 

and the world will go around long after you’re burnt 

the spiritual turnover is up to you 

there’s no karma 

there’s nothing owed 

just sandcastles you’ve built 

lonely sea for wanderers in a world of commerce