who am i

i don’t know what i am 

not who 

but the contents within me

feels empty as of recently 

a big weight has collapsed on me

destroyed everything brittle 

and left behind the things with substance

trivialities no longer entertain 

a soul which once entertained

now my mind feels light as a feather

only running the essential programs for life

not computing anything for exploration

all my hidden humor and flaws are now hidden files

i can’t find them 

have to start a new


what name will the server give me

i dont know but it will ring true

its the reward for spending countless hours in a community 

then again i dont want to be boxed in by a username

i change often 

and i often change a great deal

so will my friends still remember me? 

will i be able to be friends with them from anew?

would they still recognize me 

or do i try make new ones? 

i wish i knew 

but there’s no tutorial 

and what’s the fun in cheating anyway?

i have to analyze every word i write and ignore it

because there is a truth and lie behind each one

if it rings more true than lie, i’ll leave it

but just because i leave it 

doesn’t mean i wont come to realize a better meaning  for it