state of mind

state of my life

i can’t express how it got this way

scared to think without music drowning my thoughts

living in a broken home

living with people so blind to peace 

fighting with themselves 

if they had some introspection maybe they’d see each other

if they made some art 

thought about finding truth 

instead of dying with societys lies
then just maybe they’d find some peace 

but then again, we’re not so different

after all, who made me?

living in a world so blind to peace

living in a world where its the only cure

and its hard to say something about everyone when theres an exception to everything

thats why i just focus on my and mine

might not be there yet 

but if its my greatest desire then it is improbable for it not to be inevitable

its clear what i wanna do 

but there’s so many codes and connections

keeping me chained

making pure art elusive 

the heart is the sacrifice for pure art

no red as real as the red pouring out your heart

everything you want to do right now is within your reach 

but you’re scared of being smacked 

so you never even pull your hands out your pockets

you don’t even know how the bitin’ will taste

but you know you gotta swallow to grow a little

maybe you wait it out 

wait till you’re old enough 

suppressing your appetite

till your hunger for it disappears

a Buddhist monk but you became one by accident

all i want to do is rekindle the fire that is the inner kid

all he wants to do is have fun while functioning in this cutthroat world

but society will bury you in concrete 

where the only way to come out is being fucking weed

stuck in this world till i break out the house

where the hell do you wanna go? 

hidden away but surrounded by the free

creating shit in a studio

writing by myself

anything i think of – i can make it happen

you have to get away from everything to understand what was holding you

even if it hurts

it ain’t a bad thing 

part of seeing the full picture

its only once you understand

the truth 

that you take a step closer

to that which you seek

and its this journey that creates art 

not concerned with how good it is 

just making it as it is 

there’s not many not projecting

some i even like

is it because you aren’t it till you say you’re it

if everyone ain’t think of me the same way then theres no truth in it

and if theres no truth in it then im not thinkin bout it 

its not about making money, its about freedom 

like satoshi Nakamoto, he won the game to become free from it

its hard to escape

so many games 

status, money, love 

and boy do they make you feel good

but art is outside everything 

and within understanding the truth

but everything is in the mind

so you tell me where to look for it

we live similar lives

but our perceptions differ

and our state of mind differs

some experience happiness and pain

others transform everything into ecstasy