under currents

When we wash away from this earth

I hope we aren’t like split oysters

Just the pearl

Something we formed together 

With our love

And kept together with strength 

Everything erodes with the waves of time

The beach paints a picture 

And provides a soundtrack to my life

What’s important in life

And what’s just noise

As I sit here quietly at a hidden beach

On a Saturday morning 

I hear music 

An orchestra plays every minute the sun and the moon are up

I’m understanding what noise is 

And isn’t

How much harder it can be to appreciate beauty when it’s lonely 

When my lover isn’t by my side

The ocean just is

Makes you think 

It’s always like this

Even when there’s no one here

It still plays its music

Even when there’s no one to listen

If life is vast like the ocean

And there are as many things to do as seashells on every beach

What opportunities do I wanna turn over

Who do I want to collect those moments with

What do I want to feel

How often do I want to feel

Where are the places which make me feel the way I want to feel

Well I found one of the answers to that today

Saturdays I want to go to the beach alone in the morning – say good morning to the sun

Sit by myself and be for a while

See nature performing

Think about losing everyone that I love

How I won’t have my lover to walk with one day

And if her ashes are released into the sea

How deep I’ll go to be with her

And how I’ll get humbly washed up

Sundays I want to go for a walk with my love

Collect seashells and fall in love

Hold her hand and swing it while skipping for a while

Sand is soft so I think my knees will permit

Going through life without pain is like walking on the beach thinking you won’t get sand on your feet

And I think about how worth it is when you got someone you love by your side

Who accepts your chips faded colors

But also who admires the journey they show

That’s what my love does

And I remind her I do the same

Every time we hold hands

So let’s go in the water

Sink our feet in the sand

Hold each other as we lock our eyes

Kiss till the waters covering our thighs (the weight of love)

Like we do every Sunday

My favorite place to bring her on a date

And serve love like it’s on a dinner plate

Life is mostly the same

Every time we’re here

It gets more gorgeous

Because I always find another thing to love -awe at

How it’ll always be calm and peaceful

Even when I bring my heaviest sorrows and most brilliant victories 

It’ll quieten me

Reminding me what matters the most

And keep playing its music

It’s the most dangerous place at its core

But that’s what waves are for

They’ll humble you when you’re at your best

When time is this precious

I think, what are we getting stuck in traffic for?

Questions that help me paint a picture of my life

Are by the shore

So I’ll come here every once in a while and paint a little stroke 

When the paintings are done I’ll have done what I set out to do

Create some beauty 

To leave behind in this strange young world

And ease a little pain