lived your whole life on the road and they expect you not to rage

then you get lost in your ways

if you see a fence climb it my friend

for it may lead to open grass plains 

the freedoms are worth the scars

on those who wander

they’re just like you and me, my friend

they might call us lost but we are wanderers

far from the path, far from the grid, far from the rigid

take your shoes off and feel the grass grow

walk slow and let go

the human spirit will take over

society’s baggage was never ours to carry

feeling lighter like a sprinter without the ‘chute 

like a bull jumpin’ out the cage

now we’re sleeping under the stars

waking up to the sunrise 

with sunkissed eyes

with you by my side

i’d do everything for us to survive

middle finger to the lies they told to you and me

cant blame them for doing what they got told to do

the games not over when you lose the connection

this just like the time your mom tells you to go outside

and form a different connection

i really wanna know what else they keeping from us

because this can’t be it at all

cross my heart hope to die, did what I loved while I was alive 

lived a virtuous life

set me free, holy power

let me break the limits, quantum mechanics

let me make my choices, domino theory

lifes not short when you live it like a story

turn the pages writing down memories

stories immortalised with the people that make dreams real

life’s a fairytale once you cut the strings off the puppeteer 

man, is anything even real?

sometimes my smiles really wide

other times i hide what’s inside

therapist tell you to let it all out but there’s

too many people around 

so ill just keep it to myself

i remember the younger me

getting so caught up in troubles that pass with time

now I speak my mind

expressing infinite thoughts

went to uni learnt society operates like propriety limited

i do my duty of care so im never liable for negligence