tej s


most things are futile  but we do them anyway when you are serious, no effort is futile if it is intentional but how often am i serious? how much of life going on around me do i even notice? nature’s gears spin around you  there are an unimaginable amount of mechanisms at play  every individual’s …

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simple living

feet in the grass feet in the sand feet walking around in the pouring rain body and soul intertwined   timeless simple living abundant oxygen rushing and flushing the system readjusting my sense’s sensitivity to the numbing of modern living a re-emerging energy making its way up out of the darkness shattering the linear axis …

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fine print

all I want to do is feel something without emotion, I feel like I’m in a paralyzing limbo  getting dizzy while the world spins on without me with its grand illusions of meaning and righteous behavior  While I wait to join it disturbed water slowly releasing its trapped energy Young man, you are still learning …

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melbourne wala gabru charr saal ho gye balliye  ishqe di booti lye nu  kive tu inna pyar khatteya jera patta hi ni si mai rakehya  // dadda dadi te pakka gyi hove gi  jinna ne inna mittha bol na tenu sikha dita  // hafte baad milna hor ni mere toh hunda  mere saa suki jande …

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where did you go? you’re like all the lost memories that shaped me and now im questioning how i got here through the amour fou that consumed us  the sex that sustained us and the sunset ice creams that calmed us why have i become so blasé about the amour fou  the night that kept …

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bright lights

Young and dazed Everything fills me with either love or rage I’m not sure how it got this way Nor do I know what the way is  I was told growing up is glowing up But I’m just dazed by these bright lights Bright lights, nothing going on in my head

too bad

Too bad I’m not enough  Too bad I’m going to fuck it up Too bad I won’t let you try  To scratch away my insecurities And let you touch my golden heart  It’s not on you it’s on me  We’re over before we started  I ended it too early  You wanted to nurture me  But …

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