too bad

Too bad I’m not enough 

Too bad I’m going to fuck it up

Too bad I won’t let you try 

To scratch away my insecurities

And let you touch my golden heart 

It’s not on you it’s on me 

We’re over before we started 

I ended it too early 

You wanted to nurture me 

But I wanted to curl up  

I wasn’t poison but I made you believe touching me was

Loving me was the potion 

I stopped everything in motion 

We both felt the whiplash 

My necks fucked up 

From all the looking back 

I’m far from good 

But I’m learning, and understanding, all the ways I treated you 

Were the ways I treated myself

It’s fucked up I know but 

You don’t go for a diagnosis with no symptoms

And when I lost you, I knew I had to go

Where hearts ache, tides turn, and bridges are burnt

I saw myself burning in the water 

It was cold but it had to be done

I had to save myself