waiting to be united

you’re looking for me

i can see you’re stressed out 

looking nervous on your first date

because he ain’t turn out you pictured

you pass the time wishing and dreaming about walking out 

and running into a stranger that you can’t spend the rest of your life without

we’re on a collision course

don’t look so lost and discouraged

just because you don’t know you’ve been found don’t make you lost

you go to Cancun with all your single friends 

don’t know if its a distraction to ignore the pain

or a signal that you’re looking for some pleasure to numb the pain

ive found you in the haze 

that gaze on your face

it seeks me out 

your gorgeous grace is so mesmerizing

build me these glass steps to our meeting place

it feels like we’re seas apart

there’s no getting used to it

we’re too used to getting used to it 

our hearts demand that we meet

twin flames even if that means we burn everything around us

or everything tries to burn us

i must have you 

my greatest fire 

you live in a quiet city 

going to uni wearing your best clothes

your girls love to post brunch and cute dates

where they sit and tell you

about the barista they find cute

you sit there quietly

entranced by the Monet hung on the wall

questioning life without love

other nights you love to party 

you get loud singing your favorite tunes

and peeling your feet off the dance floor

it all feels so empty without you

there’s no life at this party without you 

how many failed dates to get to you

its been so long since i’ve felt others’ warmth

i keep drinking to feel you right next to me 

i can’t stand this much longer, I need someone to lean on

maybe you’re out there with someone else, right now

and maybe it’s not my time with you, right now

hope you’re making all the mistakes

as many as it takes

to realize that she’s not the one ready for love

it’s only a matter of time before the leaves fall

and we fall in them

forgive me, babe

i just got a little sad looking at my handed-down locket

empty like my diary

with all these saved pages

waiting for us to be united like a pair of doves in adjacent cages

when you find me come with a rose

with your blood all over the thorns

we’ll have matching scars

for this love we’ve given everything for

we’re worlds apart in a small world

oh, what do we do? oh, babe

in pictures, I stand out

looking sad next to all my happy friends

because I won’t be happy till I stand next to you

stop the games, stop the masquerade

Your impression has bewitched me

And I have fallen in love

wherever you are my love, whoever you are my lover

i’m waiting to be united