do I reflect or reassure 

don’t know what the right thing to do is

just more shit that i’ll figure out

for now, just know

young as fuck I’m reckless

brand new Yamamoto i should spendless

sporting pink polo arrogance

swagger remains unchecked 

young as fuck I’m blessed

they say ignorance is bliss, I think i need some of that shit

floating downstream seeing clearer visions

sun is scorching, I’m ignited 

temptations get the best of me, I’m excited

piping her every time i see her, I’m addicted 

brand new vision, it’s hazy

rocking Versace daily

tired of doing what they telling me 

I’m screaming “everybody move”

let’s change the rules, listening to triumphant tunes 

year-round shit

im young as fuck, im able 

fucking up whatever stable 

dangerous attitude, smoking at the station

don’t worry darling it’s just diesel

It’s painless im running on adrenaline

commitments worry me whenever they try and hurry me

my story written like a fable, brodie, unbelievable

painting fairytales bob ross style, just to feel a vibe

fiending for dopamine, chasing highs

Fell asleep at the wheel, spending days finessin’ streets

i got problems on the inside

that im projecting just to feel like im in the right

so hard to apologize when you in the wrong, im just not able

twenty young, hell-bent, everything’s alright as long as it feels good

if shit goes south, im Confucius with it

let’s get down to it

face all the consequences with confidence

the wheels gon’ spin

another year another lesson, just another highlight

suffering from success feeling like Khaled, bitch I’m the best

more hands I shake, the more money I make

Carhartt to YSL, it really depends on the vibe I’m feelin’

fuck standards, I just hit the resets

the only thing I need is my own respect

not some car on my right wrist

you can check the tape, I’ve been on that same shit

going too fast, imma fall if I slow down

so lets keep it a hundred

get loud before we in the clouds