peace for mind

not gonna let yall get the best of me

I got too much too do and too little time

it ain’t the best for me if i forget about the rest of me

I got the recipe 

It got a little bit of wrestling, nowhere is there settling 

raised out the mud, never scared to get dirty or stuck 

mama kept yelling keep your ground, so I sunk ten toes deep in the earth

strong as deep roots no coming out

you know what they say

what goes around comes around

people ’round me riding it like a carousel

if i don’t know you then please don’t hit my cell

I’m just tryna keep to myself

devastated, realizing im surrounded by so many disingenuous fools 

they know they can never be topping my output 

so they put out the false truth

just waiting for my time to come (any minute)

just waiting for my money that’s due (big deposits)

so i can leave these bums in the dirt like skid marks

everyone wants a piece of my mind 

but I just need some peace for my mind 

im am a product of my environment 

ate from plates cleaned with dirt and

raised in the open plains where i ain’t ever see any planes 

but life then was never plain even though we had plans and so many pains

because we never used to complain

so grateful man

wish i could experience those times again

I’m in my deep meditative states feeling like the buddha 

one of twelve like the kingdom of Judah

acquiring new perspectives got me prospecting 

feeling lonely 

coz they no longer respecting me 

no longer want the best for me 

i was investing in the wrong company

now I’m plotting, vesting in all the right options

emotion drying up quick; its a vapour

withdrawing myself emotionally runnin out of emotional currency to give to these people that don’t value me

need to start collecting my chips ‘fore I dip

checks and balances; just standard libra shit

got a few real ones and the rest counterfeits 

throwing quiet sissy fits because they won’t quite fit 

man, im not into that shit

they spilling the tea like bad waiters

i got no paitence; bad waiter