looking back @ old photos

[ Photo 1]

lets stay building loving memories 

my favorite chemical structures

we lived out our love with our actions 

when we die it’ll show in the records

your love changed my chemistry 

so grateful its not a mystery 

your hands running through my hair 

calming my anxieties 

reducing cortisol

your love cures all

[ Photo 2 ]

couldn’t wait to say i love you

waited 3 weeks and it felt like forever

those peachy lips slow down time

made you mine after i dreamt about you for nine

good things don’t come around often 

so i’ll take this as a sign

to take care o’ mine

[ Photo 3 ]

we had a lot 

we lost it all 

went our separate ways 

trying to fill the void

went to Norfolk 

stumbled into everything we were looking for and more

then i ran back to yours

with tears that yell

to a love that listens

we were always meant to be tied

[ Photo 4 ]

loving doesn’t have to hurt

baby, take your time

ill give you all the space you need to heal

all the emotions you need to feel

waiting for your call 

its been hurting me for real

due anytime

even though we never shook on the deal

[ Photo 5 ]

it hurts like a bitch 

but it makes me feel alive

fighting for the most important thing in my life

happened because i moved too fast

couldn’t keep up 

now i got ice on my wrist

[ Photo 6 ]

my smile is a mirror of your gorgeous face

whenever i see you 

i can’t help it

my brain goes empty 

and its just you beating inside

my hearts on fire

smother it with your touch

you make me feel so good 

im trying to find the lie 

other times 

it gets a little rough

so many different looks

i have to find the truth

breaking down all these walls 

its you that I’m reaching

its you that im needing