raw, unedited symphony of thoughts on art & expression

I really love art. All of it. The illogical the beautiful the confusing the new the bold. Everything has a unique expression. Fuck conformity. Art represents non-conformity. Art is beautiful. If you conform to what society tells you then you will end up being skipped by all eyes. represent yourself. However you want. Use tools given to you, like words, like commas , like colours and patterns and shapes and whatever else you deem useful to your expression. But do not be boxed in by them. Think like you’ve just invented the tool and there are no rules. They are a means to an end and you have full fucking creative freedom. 

Art is the evoking of emotion. From within. 

No emotion is an emotion. 

We are always expressing. 

If everyone ceased to exist at this very moment, and you’d play the movie of human kind. You’d see a beautiful time-lapse expressing everything we are capable of expressing and that has been expressed. It is violent and peaceful, dull and blinding, grey and bold. Beautiful and not beautiful. Loud and quiet. Everything in-between and outside. The capturing of the human spirit. 

And if a photo was taken with the exposure time of our existence you’d see the silhouettes of people travelling every corner of the earth, overlapping paths and faces, overlapping stories and some like oil and water. Blood and tears, laughter and indifference in the same spots.  You’d see evidence of every sin committed and good deeds done. 

It’s all a paradox. Nothing really makes sense if you give it a decent thought. We’re creatures trying to bring order to a chaotic world. 

art captures that chaos in that very moment. preserved in the museum of mankind. When the aliens come and visit they’ll have a glimpse into the chaotic state of humanity through art. 

The solution for peace: peering out each others eyes for a good moment and feeling. Everyone part of humanity would understand each other. Without judgement, with love for fellow mankind. 

Someone hit the pause button in the simulation so we can all hug each other. 

Music unleashes my creative side; my true thoughts; deep. Lets my mind spill its imaginations and creations. What it wants to think comes out. For that moment I forget everything that I’ve been told and speak my truth. 

Imagine if everything was formless. Nothing rigid. No structure. No conformity. No “correct’ way no ‘’wrong way’ . The beautiful, mystical and magical creations it would give rise to. Flow. Idea inception. Output. No filters. Reality exposed. True colours. Everyones true colours visible. Not as a statement. But as an expression. 

Create before you fall asleep. 

Be open. Be closed. But always be curious. 

— — curiosity is consciousness – – 

If you don’t toy with the mechanics of the world will you have fun? 

Pretend for a moment. You are the one that chose the arbitrary words and things humans say and do. How many people never question its ridiculousness. Rules and ways of living decided. Inherited. Unquestioned. – conformity. 

Repeat after me. I am put on this earth with the same stupidity and intelligence as my fellow humans. I have the same canvas to paint with the brush Ive been given. no. I have my own brush; my thoughts. I have my own canvas; my thoughts and the story I tell my self. I have my own colours; my thoughts and my interpretation. I have my own freedom; the domain of my thoughts (,). 

Notice how thoughts are source of life. With my curiosity I will be able to find the source and cultivate and irrigate the important fields of my life. 

Baby I want you on my canvas. Take this brush and paint yourself because I accept whatever your expression of who you is.  it gives me the greatest joy that I can look at you on my canvas and get a glimpse of exactly what was going on in your mind and heart at that very moment. You paint yourself daily on the canvas of my heart. And when it beats it beats a little stronger. 

Sometimes life is like drawing on the sidewalk with chalk whilst its raining. You do it anyway. 

Rain on chalk. 


Remove excess. Empathise essential. 

When you put out your art; creations. You get feedback. Sharpens the sword that deals with life. Gently gliding around its throat. Full control over destiny. 

These dark circles are an expression of my night writing these thoughts. It is a reminder not to judge. It is an insight into my life. Just like everything else that is visible; an insight; an expression. 

Dark circles. Open thoughts. Deep curiosity to discover myself. 

Thats it. 

Art is a vessel of exploration. 

Into our deeper selves. 

Below the skin. Where blood flows in the channels that give rise to our thoughts. 

Art is a microscope of discovery. Chose what you want to examine and put it on the slide – the canvas. See what you find. Don’t try explain it. Just sit with it and look.

Do not go fixing others arts because art is universally true.