the middle

i need some energy in my life like cheerleaders jumping in the stands 

only feels freeing when I’m in on the mats 

rolling and resting 

the only times I’m feeling it 

there’s no art outside the work 

and when i say the work its a state of mind that doesn’t evaporate

it just a part of my soul 

can’t separate it from me like good from bad or right from wrong 

life’s a gallery but people pollute it with advertisements 

everywhere I go everything I see 

can’t get away from it as long as you’re not free

cause is lost and the effect is lasting 

nothing poetic about society’s garbage suffering 

but I’m only able to extract meaning if i recognize it as such 

if im able to separate the filters and the fillers

then i might feel less bloated

like the software running in my head

downloaded by tapping into everyone’s trauma

hard to wrap my head around how everyone only real offline

and everything online is read off of lines 

they say never meet your heroes

but i’d say they’re the ones living it the realest

when you get to the top then you see shit different 

you been through all of life’s stages

then used the stages to perform live on stage 

turning your pain into poetry 

opening the wound for the world for closer examination 

nothing phases you when you’re at the destination 

none of these words mean what you think that they mean 

i just say it how i see it, how i lived it, how i learned it 

not for your pleasure 

just because i have to do it

lifes not as pretty as the pictures 

hold it down and see what it plays 

it was only good in the moment 

when you ain’t force it like the first take

it can look good with the filters and the edits 

but just know that’s not how we see it 

somethings im just not ready to see because they’re so hard to believe

like a few things im coming to terms with from twenty thirteen 

and how the man in number thirty shoots so many threes

i want to master it all but right now im in the mud like a marine

life’s moments are special but it feels better when it’s celebrated with people

those moments will last but the people will help you remember 

like little sugar cubes they make it sweeter 

when we come together we sit up a little 

and enjoy life even when it feels like we’re in The Middle