fleeting times

fleeting times

clouds racing through the sky 

we’re chasing them trying to create memories 

but they’re fleeting like the moment 

the slipperier life is the harder I try to grip

not wanting to let it go free

scared of the danger I’ll be in if I don’t seize the opportunity

young in the process, everything thrown at me is new

thinking on my toes

sweat pooling on the floor

I’m stuck in the defensive cycle  

life got me on the ground

keeping me down till I learn to keep my guard and stop its pass

I’m young enough to be humbled

arrogant enough to say “do it again”

the young Sinatra, the way I’ll be back on top in June

childhood dreams just over the fence 

too scared to live them out because we’ve been conditioned to not cross the line

land ownership is a new development

leveraged against us to buy back what was already ours

our human spirit charmed by snakes

society trying to buy back a life that’s meant to be free