transitional anger



Screaming into the void

To avoid facing the reality of my consequences

I’m haunted by my actions

Or better yet, the lack there of 

Slacking and too busy jacking

Not enough truth, I’m capping 

The white line between truth and not truth mixed in with the dirt 

I’m playing myself

No, I’m playing against myself

What would I do

It’s a smoke and mirrors game

I wish I had all this fame 

we’re not the same

Hollywood has led us to believe we are all stars 

Too busy watching movies ignoring the skies

Man fuck this tie 

Wearing this Corporate noose 

Vacation homes, Louis Vuitton, Pantone rollies on

Coming for mine; Eddie Mabo trials 

Give an inch, they taking a mile

Not gonna slip and trip; these ain’t no zions 

Everyone wants to know what I’m on, 

But I guess they’ll never know

Ye they tryna step on our toes, 

Trust me y’all don’t want this four-four 

Two chambers like ed in the valley

No limits like a tally

I’m pushin the limit; infinity 

I don’t need to afford the shit they be selling me

Telling me I’ll be a better me

value is not defined by my assets; that’s an ass test

Went through school doing no work

Straight As bad habits

Now they want me chasing carrots (carats)

Shining like trees in the distance

Lining their pockets like birdies

But I’m like Bernie

Guess who?


Kids playing with glocks and elevens in the lot

Raised in the wrong block 

Too old to punch in the clock

Man why everything run like factories

We need some intervention, a new invention before this shit blow up into another dimension

Temperatures and sea levels rising, sirens firing

Horns collide ignoring Matadors 

Does anything real even matter anymore

Obese n eatin meat 

too pussy to look death in the eye

Posing on i.g looking like faux gangsters, man I lost interest, too young to get caught in the wrong direction

Too right to make a wrong

I’m just starting to get in the zone, need me a start-up loan

Watch me change up the tone before I’m gone, smoking a blunt, rolling loud

Like Mike


Moonwalking, feeling real fresh today

Always been keeping it real to date

Telling the truth, no lies today

Setting myself free like a dove

Finally opening up to the love

Soon as I left school, started counting these dubs

Golden boy like a warrior

Celebrating, eatin like Curry

Sinking these shots even when they tryna hurry me

never fret bout me, too calm to ever let trouble worry me

going back to back, collecting titles like a blockbuster

my girl, I trust her

Our highlights longer than movies

She my guiding light in the dark days

Helping me defeat my demons with amazing grace

When I got you by my side, nothing was ever the same

this feeling eternal, the only thing that’ll fade is external

started seeing the inner you

just know that i’d sin for you

ain’t no one else i’d do it for

ain’t no one else that made me feel this way before