simple living

feet in the grass

feet in the sand

feet walking around in the pouring rain

body and soul intertwined  

timeless simple living

abundant oxygen rushing and flushing the system

readjusting my sense’s sensitivity to the numbing of modern living

a re-emerging energy making its way up out of the darkness

shattering the linear axis modern life is measured in 

problems are inherited alongside modern life; problems of manufactured unnatural pleasures

honey being swapped out for syrup

the tastebuds being fooled by the sweetness, unaware of the nutrients lost

white light instead of sunlight 

rotting body to a glowing soul

trained instincts withering out to conforming behavior

a fibreless diet and an untested body instead of dense muscle fibers and a strong heart

a god-gifted flexible body with kinks and stiffness

self-dependence swapped out for state-reliance

to get away for peace you have to be okay with not being able to call upon help

for better or for worse? 

you have to renounce most things to find out