always and forever

an always and forever ballad


nothing scares me more

than the thought of not being with you

when we’ve got wrinkles and our grandchildren make fun of us

when we’ve got no desire for more

the thought of losing you

scares me the most

i know it’s far

but the present was once the future

i’m crying 

our kids holding me in their arms 

this is heartbreak


im scared

of a future

where im not with you

when you’re no longer

i can not handle

i will hold your hand every day till that day

treasure and capture every moment

till you intertwine with my soul

and reside within me 

that’s how deep i want our love

nothing scares me more than not having that

call me crazy

and, i might be a fool in love

but at least I’m in love

if you are too 

then you will understand

ill get in bed with you every day 

kiss you goodnight as shut your eyes

hold your halo

and massage your wings

because you’re my angel and light

my lover 

please be my forever

i won’t be able to do it long after you’re gone

ill follow you 

to paradise

; the place where you reside

to have you by my side

oh love o’ mine 

this is forever love 

you’re so pure

dying will be easy because the thought of meeting you

is stronger than a thousand doses of ecstasy 

love will numb the pain 

your touch will revive my soul 

another high

we can dance in the clouds

caressing each others velvet curves

listening to always and forever songs

sharing a laugh like ol’ friends catching up

oh love o’ mine

I’ve fallen in love 

and I’m scared it won’t last forever

i will spend the rest of my days sleeping 

so i can be with you in my dreams 

and i know one day i won’t wake up  

and you will greet me 

with a halo over your head


that you’ve missed me

and we can be forever in love