where have you gone, boy?

where have you gone, boy?

you’re scattered

and slowly degenerating

the same way waves cut away at stone 

the old you

he left little memories with everyone you love

which they keep safe 

they’re not forgetful like you 

falling into the gaps

that weren’t once there

and tumbling over formations 

that happened when you weren’t there

in the umms and silences

searching for what you would say 

but you can’t quite remember the route

to get to where you want to be 

perhaps you’re becoming leaner 

and those areas feel weaker

but your appetite has shrunk 

and you only want whats trite and true

to numb out the touch of the world

and enter the fool’s paradise

i feel it coming slowly

im scared that I wont have it 

before my character turns into stone

its a confusing process

its good to cut the extra fat 

but have I cut too much?

and did I cut too deep?

two by two instead of three by three

what if they figure me out?

quicker you mean

at least you’ll be understood

being misunderstood is harder

you know how to build tall

but here you are 


thinking what to make 

unbothered by the pressure to produce

glad that you’ve learned a thing or two