@ home

I don’t recognize myself by my looks anymore

I don’t remember myself by my looks anymore

I only know the ways I was feeling at each stage

Maybe it’s because my identity has become so foreign that I don’t know myself

Change is occurring so fast that I can’t keep track and only know the person I am in the moment

Completely absorbed by the problems spread across the floor like papers

Can’t memorize the script while it’s being written

There’s this line that really resonates with me 

It goes

Ultimately, our real home is our life.

I always feel at home within myself. Things may get rearranged around and it looks different but it’s the same place. 

When you organize your life your home becomes tidier than before, things are more organized and in the right places. With the upkeep and new standards comes maintenance. Your inclination towards your old self. Messier – Unless you keep tidying a little bit every day. It becomes manageable and enjoyable for longer – Unless you go back to your old ways then you’re depressed and home looks like shit. Making it ordered again will take a giant mammoth effort.

Humans have a nomadic inclination. We always want to be somewhere else. That’s why travel is huge and why we ended up on the moon. Wanderers. The one thing we’ll always take with us is our body. You’re always home if you imagine your skeleton is the house that you’re living inside. Thanks, Jared, for helping me realize life is my true home.