how lucky

how lucky are we

how lucky are we

when we see each other 

we bring out the version of ourselves 

that is only for each other

no one else ever gets to experience the person i am with you

not even me

only when im with you

i guess that’s what draws me to you

why you have so much pull

i look forward to becoming that person 

that i am 

when i’m with you

and the moon accompanied by a trillion stars

are the only witnesses 

of this secret love affair 

between this version of

me and you 

when im alone 

i look to the skies 

to write these words

as they describe to me 

what happened between 

me and you

on those nights we dream about

this is what it means 

when they say 

you bring out a special part of me

oh lover o’ mine

it is only you

and it will forever 

only be with you