symphony of thought

bright lights

Young and dazed Everything fills me with either love or rage I’m not sure how it got this way Nor do I know what the way is  I was told growing up is glowing up But I’m just dazed by these bright lights Bright lights, nothing going on in my head

too bad

Too bad I’m not enough  Too bad I’m going to fuck it up Too bad I won’t let you try  To scratch away my insecurities And let you touch my golden heart  It’s not on you it’s on me  We’re over before we started  I ended it too early  You wanted to nurture me  But …

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no song 2

there are no songs without you no one sings my tunes better than you lil birdie sit by my window  I’ll stay writin long as your painting  there are no songs with out you its just us in this world, on top of this roof trying to make the sun cry  and the moon over …

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a metaphor

life is a score starts with an empty sheet your parents play a line for you  that sound shapes the way you perceive rhythm, sound, taste even you grow older you start to listen to others  you experiment if you’re lucky, you develop your own sound your close ones make great music but what the …

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state of mind

state of my life i can’t express how it got this way scared to think without music drowning my thoughts living in a broken home living with people so blind to peace  fighting with themselves  if they had some introspection maybe they’d see each other if they made some art  thought about finding truth  instead …

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cheatin me is cheatin yourself cheatin yourself of future happiness a dime robbin a nickel thats just your worth loyalty is royalty  ain’t nothing worth sacrificing your respect for you’ll get exactly why you’re wishin for we both know its because of your insecurity  you were given the world  and knew all the stories  warning …

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no song

There are no songs without you Nothing better than you singing my tune  My little birdie I’ll stay writing as long as your singing  There are no tunes without you Just me and you  All cooped up  Trying to make the sun cry  And the moon overstay the night  It’s just us in this world …

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