i lost it today

i lost it today

I fucked up today

I lost it

everything I thought I worked on

unraveled in front of me


never thought I’d get to this stage 

walked up this high just to misstep and fall backward 

now I’m bending over backwards 

finding myself

only suckers punch

where did your principles go 

in that brief moment, you could have contained it

but deep inside 

a voice whispered 

let it go

It seemed like wise advice 

but now you realize 

what’s left when you let it go

Is a blinding light shining out of that dark hole

That had been plugged with a temporary solution 

that light you realize is your true colors 

shining on real lies 

maybe you learn from this

Instead of hiding behind the shame

Pride is prejudice 

It holds onto you tight 

And this is what it feels like

you feeling light?

no good came out

it ain’t right

you feel the same 

But your leaking shame 

I pity your pain

It ain’t right 

you’re wise enough to know better

don’t think it won’t catch up

just because you’re young enough to get away with it

this shit lays deep within you

pours on your darkest days 

Are you gonna fold when the weight is crushing 

When it’s got its arm around your neck

are you gonna panic 

Or work through it slowly

It won’t be like practice

Like it is now

Your gonna fight with everything young man