Dear Simran // Simile(because your just like… so many amazing things),

Lately, I’ve been learning a lot more about myself through my interests and curiosity about things like art, fashion and photography; overall maturity. I’m being able to see the finer details about you that I wouldn’t have noticed earlier, and with such admiration. Your taste is so fine. Your humour is so enjoyable and enlightening and smile-inducing. Your kindness can turn a stone into a pebble. Your smile can cure illnesses. You heart can expand minds and hearts. I’m so excited to continue on this journey of discovering more about each other. Even though we’ve already been together for a while I feel a new fire and desire about us. I want you to know I am so excited for us and to share more of ourselves with each other. We’ve been through so many tough roads on our passionate little wagon full of understanding and affection. Coming a long way was only possible through our willingness to grow. That speaks volumes to the type of people we are, our relationship, our beautiful&complementary character development and people we are morphing into. We’ve got something very special and extremely rare. It’s something I want to protect at all cost, and nothing is stronger than love. Love is what we have; love is you.

Yours truly, Tej

p.s. this is my special page for you, of our story.